anchor point agadir sunshine

The short summer period quickly deserts most of the regions on earth at the beginning of September. Temperatures return to low and travelers who haven’t had time to soak up the sun’s rays see the patches that can still stand next to them for one last round of rest before the next summer. Fortunately, even when the water gets stony in the rest of the world, there are destinations that can still welcome you in the water and under the most clement temperatures. Here are three of the most unmissable!
Let’s start with one of the most popular destinations in Morocco: Agadir. At only 23°C (average temperature of the sea), it is a region that the sun never leaves. Agadir oufella is undoubtedly the monument that embodies the will of this city to brave the sea and the sky for the comfort and pleasure of the eyes. Its fine sandy beaches welcome you all year round and the winter passes there for a cozy time. If you pass by there, do not miss the beaches of taghazout, aourir, tamraght, and tamri!
If the south of Morocco is on your agenda, the destination we recommend is the city proud of its nickname, synonymous with sunshine even when elsewhere in the country the sky is rumbling with wind and sun, the “sunshine city”, Imessouane! With an average temperature of 24°C, it is the ideal place for an unforgettable family vacation. You will probably need a car to move freely between the beach and the other beautiful spots of the region and, there, no worries because a rental car is a preferred option.
No need to wait, Morocco will fulfill your expectations. The political climate and the sun are a good match, and even when the temperature drops below zero towards the south, the coastal areas maintain a good dose of summer. Rent a car and enjoy a little more summer than the rest of the world.