Term and conditions

• Minimum age: 21 years +2 year of validity of license
• The license available and ID must be presented to each rental
• Certificates of loss or theft are not taken into account. 

Accepted payment methods

• Sometimes a deposit by credit card ( VISA, MASTERCARD) , by check or cash will be requested to pick up the vehicle .
• The amount of the deposit is equal to the deductible (see section insurance).
• Regulation of the estimated amount of the rent will be required at the outset.


Our rates include:

• The oil , maintenance and vehicle documents .
• The provision of vehicle Agadir airport , Agadir hotels , or even the city of Agadir. Unlimited mileage.
• The all-risk insurance with a non -waivable .

Our prices do not include:

• The incompressible franchise or deductible in case of theft
• Fuel : Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level at the beginning.
• Delivery of the vehicle in another city outside Agadir
• Contravention police and almonds
• Scratches and bumps:

    are considered damage.
Most often, scratches and dents in bodywork are considered damage and you will be charged to repair them, particularly the most serious ones.
Generally, any scratch of two inches or more is considered damage.
More minor scratches can also be classified as damage if there are several. In addition, if the scratches are on the upholstery they can cost up to 500 euros maximum.
the agency may penalize you for interior damage. These fees tend to be higher, which is why most agencies recommend keeping animals in cages or using seat covers.

Term of the lease

Concept and calculation

The tenant agrees to return the vehicle to the Lessor on the date specified in the contract . The rental period is calculated per 24 hours, not split .

insurance :

The vehicles are all insured risks . A condition of a non -waivable .


BASIC COVERAGE with High Excess : 2500 euro :

In case of a “serious” accident for which you are 100% responsible without a second vehicle, you will pay an excess of 2500 euro: 

Total COVERAGE with low Excess : 1500 euro :


In case of a “serious” accident for which you are 100% responsible without a second vehicle, you will pay an excess of 1500 euro: 



Damage to the car are covered only on production of an accident report in . If you are not responsible for the accident does not charge you to be charged . If you are responsible for the accident only caused damage to our vehicle will be your responsibility .

Our team remains available to you our detailed rental conditions once in our premises remains flexible .