Where to find summer when summer ends?

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Where to find summer when summer ends? The short summer period quickly disappears from most parts of the world at the beginning of September. Temperatures return to low and travellers who haven’t had time to soak up the sun’s rays see the patches of land that can still offer them a final round of rest […]

Best spot surf in Agadir

anchor point

    If you are looking for a good surfing plan for Anchor and Agadir, here are some suggestions: Book or sleep near Anchor Point, one of the best surf spots in the area. This will allow you to easily get to the beach and enjoy the waves. Hotels, hostels, apartment at taghazout the closest […]

Tafraout city, and Ait-abdellah

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Tafraout and Ait-Abdellah are two small towns located in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco. Tafraout is located in the heart of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, about 120 kilometers southeast of Agadir, and Ait-Abdellah is about 30 kilometers north of Tafraout. Tafraout is known for its breathtaking natural scenery, including red granite mountains, best known for the […]


agadir oufella befor renovation

One can love Paris, Rome and Berlin with a bit of history, but there are regions in the world to which one succumbs almost instinctively. Agadir, this Moroccan city, whose charm was shattered by the earthquake of February 1960, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. To the delight of driving […]