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Dacia logan Automatic Petrol
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Morocco has become an important destination for tourists. First time travelers often find it difficult to organize their trip and get around the cities of this fascinating country. Agadir, located in the southwestern part of the country, is famous for its affordable car rental agency, namely Car Rental Agadir Airport, and its car rental Marrakech companies of the Clickngo group.

Whether you are coming from Canada, USA, Australia or Europe, Agadir is the most reasonable and convenient place for car rental. With pick-up points throughout the country, it can help you organize your visits and discover the cities of the Sultan. Read on and discover our reasons for choosing this popular car rental agency.

Why hire a car from Agadir Airport?

By hiring a vehicle from the Agadir airport, save more of your travel budget and discover other fascinating aspects of the country. Agadir is among the biggest cities in Morocco, which is worth visiting. It is located in the southwestern coastal part of the country.

Among its highlights are its amazing beaches, its picturesque landscapes, and its rich historical and cultural heritage. Also, do not miss its amazing bird reserve. Such marvels should not be left without visiting to make your trip unforgettable. With the car rental agency’s connecting points across the country, pick-up is easy and savings can be made.

A large variety of car brands

Among the benefits of renting through Car HireAgadir Airport is the availability of a wide range of car brands to choose from. If you travel with a spouse or another adult, it is recommended to rent an economic car or a mini-vehicle. However, group travelers have the opportunity to choose among other types of vehicles, which meet your needs and taste.

Available offer for every budget

The rental agency has a large variety of offers for its customers, which is suitable for every budget. Whether you are looking for low-cost Economy and Mini cars for rent, or whether you wish to ride on a higher-priced luxurious car, the offer is always affordable at Car Rental Agadir Airport.

To know the average price for the daily car rental, it is good to check online; that is because the exact amount varies according to the car brand, the model, and the number of people that it can accommodate.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

The service offered by Car Hire Agadir Airport is open 24h. GMT on weekdays from Monday to Sunday. On weekends, the car rental agency operates earlier. GMT. However, the opening hours for the services offered by each car rental company may vary from a company to another. Therefore, it is recommended to find out about their opening hours, which are available on their website.

To rent a vehicle for your journey, pick your car from any of the available connection points as advised by the car rental company that you choose. Customers can rent cars for a short period or a longer duration of up to 8 consecutive days. Apart from that, you are guaranteed with other essential benefits including daily customer assistance, which functions 7 days a week. Other services cover free booking cancellation, should your plans change unexpectedly.

Booking process made easy

You can book online on the website of Car Rental Agadir Airport. For this, you can start by choosing a car rental agency from the list and start your online booking. Before that, you can compare the offers and prices, and compare the types of vehicles offered by some of the car rental companies. Once you are done, choose the most convenient car and the most suitable for your needs.

To make the process easier, it is advisable to create an account in your name. Once it is created, log in and start booking the vehicle of your choice. The first thing you need to do is enter your pick-up and drop-off dates, as well as the number of passengers you are traveling with. Next, you may be asked to enter your departure point and destination. Other necessary information includes the number of bags you will have. Follow all instructions until you have completed the booking process.

One-way car rental for most companies

It is advisable to book for a one-way service, which is offered by most car hire companies within the car rental agency at Agadir Airport. Vehicle rental for most car hire companies consists of a one-way ride, from one location to another. Therefore, the car will pick you up from the airport and takes you to your hotel, or vice versa. However, extra charges will apply if you wish to ride on the vehicle to a completely different location.

The biggest deals worldwide

Car hire Agadir Airport consists of a selection of car rental delivery points. So, whether you are traveling within the country or going to a city or other, it is recommended to use the services offered by Agadir airport car rental services.

Travel to the heart of Moroccan cities by renting a car from one of the car rental companies at Agadir airport. Enjoy the thrill of a ride in a 4×4 car, or taste the pleasure of riding in a luxury car at affordable costs by renting one at Agadir airport. Explore the beauty of the city in an economy car or a sports car to imprint a memorable image of your trip in your mind.

Payment method

Payment can be made online by a valid credit card. However, it is also possible to pay the car rent upon your arrival at your destination cash or by card. However, extra fees will be charged from you if you delay the payment upon arrival. However, special discounts may be offered if you book fairly early; thus, always check with the car hire company you are dealing with for such opportunities.

Privilege Loyalty Programs

One good thing about renting a vehicle from the Car Rent Agadir Airport includes the Privilege Loyalty Programs, which are presented free of charge to any loyal customer. The offer consists of awarding loyal passengers with certain benefits depending on the length of their car rental days, and the number of times they have rented a car from the car hire agency at Agadir airport. Check with your vehicle rental company especially if you are a regular traveler. Some of the benefits include priority over the pick-up, free rentals for the weekend, and value-off coupons.

Important travel tips for the passengers

arA valid identification paper, a passport and other travel documents are necessary if you wish to travel across different countries or borders. It is equally worth noting that extra fees will be charged if you cross borders. Thus, be ready for extra fees, should your travel consist of riding from a state or from a country to another. Another important tip is, traveling across countries or borders often requires your need to carry foreign currencies. Money Exchange offices are available in most international airports. Anyway, be advised to check where to exchange currencies with your car rental agent.