Porch Reserve fragrances for fall!

porsche pic
The thermal and hybrid engines still have good years ahead of them. But in the fall, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche plans to deliver an electric offensive to its competitors who have already raked much of the sales of the electric car.
Indeed, the biggest sports car manufacturer in the world has never been to the 100% electric. But if he wants to stand up to her American rival, the Volkswagen Group’s interest to rely more on cleaner energy though the challenge of autonomy or size. The group will also by several brands: Porsche Panamera evolve into an electric version by Frankfurt Q6 SUV and the Audi brand, created on the basis of “Pajun” join the party.
It is a terrible alliance looming on the horizon to counter the breakneck speed that takes American rival. The 490 km of autonomy in the most beautiful days of the latter are already overwhelmed just a notch with the new Porsche with its 500 Km. In the mid-professionals, it mocks the promised Porsche is probably a forced passage align with the trend and not a real pearl faithful to the brand’s habits.
Anyway, we already know that with its 4.80 m long about it will be more compact than a limousine home and it will be more “connected”. We enthousiasmons we for our part that the new creation Porsche keeps its promises. The brand is not repeated, and as is well its slogan: There is no substitute!