Pay less: avoid “unwanted technologies”!

jeep wrangleravoid “unwanted technologies”!

It was not long ago we came back a few tricks in the final still cheaper to rent and thus we have raised the issue of manual versus automatic vehicles vehicles. We concluded that in the perspective of rent, there are many options you can lighten your bill. Today is a signed JD Power study generalizes the finding and goes even further: Buyers do not use technologies of their vehicles that cost billions yet!

The automotive market requires manufacturers to show off the prowess of their vehicles through technologies for the less stunning and inevitably very expensive. If this race is understandable by the competition, it does not hold true for customers! In any case what emerges from the JD Power study that was interested in the habits of 4,200 buyers regarding the use of technologies of their vehicles.

It appears from the study that most of the 33 available technologies in vehicles, 16 are never used by at least one fifth of buyers. Technologies such as automatic parking system (assisted parking) or the HUD are not at any time requested by respectively 35 and 33% of clients. Although connectivity is the new car fashion, 32% of consumers actually lend it no importance.

These figures, among many others, especially denounce the selfishness of manufacturers is concern over subjugate the client to oblige. Many enthusiasts take a shine to a car on a technology will quickly lose interest once and technical toy, although complex, to get back to basics. So if you’re planning a trip, go for rent and prefer the good old models combining robustness, handling and the essential strict techno!