is not the End!

End of summer

Summer End

You can find the summer when summer ends (2).

Continue our tour of the most hospitable destinations, including car rental, when summer gives way to frost in most parts of the world. We mentioned at the last ticket Dubai, Florida, Egypt and Morocco. Well, for more light beams, here are three other destinations of choice!
This is paradise at least the weather in Agadir in winter. Bask under a gentle sun on the beach sand. The average temperature of the sea, bordering barely 25 ° C, is right to explore the beaches and to engage in sports activities like surfing, bodyboarding or stretch your legs and let go to exotic tastes in downtown Agadir, declared one of the world’s best berries.
From heritage heritage destination in Mexico the land of the Mayas in the Yucatan Peninsula. There, join the fun and relaxation that explore the place that one day saw the rise of one of the most intelligent civilizations in the history of man. The average sea temperature is just 26 ° C, anywhere in Mexico there is more beautiful winter and it is ideal for the road.
Few degrees below Celsius, it was the Canaries who are courting during the cold season. At 19 ° C average temperature at sea, you would allow all leisure. You can go windsurfing in Fuerteventura or visit the national park Timanfaya Fire Mountains or green crater El Golfo.
In short, do you rent a car, book early and then choose one of the destinations for summer awaits you in spite of the winter!