Ford’s new technology


téléchargementThe new advanced front lighting Ford

The pleasure of driving is not without risks as the road reserve to motorists. Car manufacturers compete to boost intelligence in parrying the ever more innovative technologies. There are about a year the Mercedes CLS strutted legitimately THE Multibeam its lighting. Here came a technology this time -ci Ford signed to improve the reflexes of the drivers in the less illuminated areas of the road: the Advance Front Lightening.

His name clearly expresses, Ford’s new technology addresses the headlights. Basically, the system relies on synchronization rendering cameras and infrared detector. The cameras collect data on the traffic environment, possibly interpreting the information reported on signs and other road signs and the system suggests to the driver the critical areas that need special attention intelligently directing light fires to the areas in question.

The behavior of the front lighting and varies according to the location of traffic – near a roundabout to give way or in the ring for example, or at the exit – and greatly facilitates the decision making for up to avoid danger. For now, the firm enthuses the blue oval, the prowess of this technology already detect eight elements in motion over a distance of 120 meters.

Here is what promises to reduce the hazards of night driving by giving a few more seconds for the driver to react effectively. This is also a boon since this system can evolve in perfect sync with the traffic information generated by the GPS.