Audi S8 More than 605 hp

S8 audi

The new Audi S8 More than 605 hp.

Passion for speed,the four wheels and the German strength, the Frankfurt Show has something to amaze you and the cars that are the most anticipated is the ticket for our guest today: this is the new Audi S8 More than 605 hp. What more German?
The German manufacturer already bump for some time on the new wave A8 but to mark the new edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the S8 More to be presented to fans of the brand. The design of the new S8 stands out somewhat from the standard version, from the outside with a spoiler lip at the rear, body color or carbon fiber. The side air intakes and those of the radiator grille in the shape of honeycomb, sports a matte black. S8 has an exhaust system with four outputs 21-inch wheels.
The interior of the S8 More remains true to the spirit of “sport” with a leather interior and strongly red stitching. Alcantara wins against the doors and the central console, pedals and footrest now are dressed notes Aluminum.
The real pleasure of owning an Audi S8, is under the hood it is produced. Recalibration of the 4.0 TFSI engine enables it to achieve phenomenal power of 605 hp and torque of 700 Nm or 750 Nm in overboost mode. This car is able to cross the 100 km / h in the space of 3.8 seconds. Its top speed initially set electronically to 250 km / h reached 305 km / h limousine release.
More S8 is therefore one of the few coveted and major road to go beyond the 600 hp and is at the next Frankfurt Motor Show that you can have the pleasure to meet him!