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The large Mercedes taxi (240.220 ..) Former model will disappear from our cities Agadir and other cities. The government revealed that kick for clunkers program is being finalized. A premium of approximately 50 000dhs breaks will be paid for each major taxi owner in return it is destroyed. Today on major cities such as Agadir, […]

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Tourism in Agadir

statistic tourism agadir

Tourism in Agadir, in the first three months of the year, marked by a difficult reduction 4.22 percent in the number of arrivals and 11.59 per cent in the number of recorded nights. A report from Agadir Regional Tourism Council to mark the number of arrivals in accommodation establishments during the first quarter decreased by […]

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agadir car rental aeroport massira

Morocco, crop diversification, stability of Sharifians kingdom surrounded by beautiful cities to discover. But it would be sad to see this decor color without being able to know the country The important thing in Morocco, that’s what happens behind the scenes. In a city that is coming out of the great boulevards that popular Moroccan […]

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Caution when driving

alcool au volant

Our new campaign just launched a brand awareness against drunk driving. The purpose of this campaign is to provide our customers and all drivers 4roues, with a much better understanding of the real dangers of alcohol while driving. The car rental agencies are often confronted to accidents whose first cause is alcohol abuse, we have […]

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SERVICES + Car Rental Agadir.

GPS Rent Car Morocco Agadir Option GPS location voiture Maroc Agadir

SERVICES +. New services as a means of rapid transit services + is to remove any worries in an emergency or incapacity, Agadir car rental with his experience and knowledge of the field we know how to respond quickly in case of emergency departure. Forms of transportation Agadir Car Rental. In its various forms, Car […]

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All about your visit in Agadir

rent a car

Arrived safe harbor , you will be hit  by the warm welcome that awaits you , in fact Moroccans are particularly welcoming and friendly people , enough to forget the accumulated fatigue and kilometers you . You will also notice their enthusiasm to make you discover their culture and heritage. To soak up more of […]

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